Due Diligence

  • Managed Forest Carbon Project & Sales for Large Landowner

    Managed Forest Carbon Project & Sales for Large Landowner

    A forest investment firm sought to maximize their impact and timber returns across their 250,000 acre North American ownership located in West Coast, Southern and Mid-Atlantic states. US Forest Capital completed a comprehensive assessment of carbon, conservation easement, conservation sales and wetland mitigation opportunities across the ownership. This led to…

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  • Acquiring Environmentally Sensitive Property on Mt St Helens

    Acquiring Environmentally Sensitive Property on Mt St Helens

    The Columbia Land Trust conserves and cares for the vital lands, waters and wildlife of the Columbia River region. The Trust took notice of increased forest fragmentation occurring on Mt St. Helens’ southeast flank and a landowner’s subdivision of 20,000 acres into 2,000 separate units. We assisted the Trust in…

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  • Acquisition of a Community Forest

    Acquisition of a Community Forest

    The Redwood Forest Foundation is a non-profit community forest organization that was created to acquire working forestland that could be owned and operated for long-term sustainable timber production—but in a manner that would also restore the forest’s biological diversity and enhance anadromous fish populations. In addition to helping the Foundation…

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